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Borwita Leaders Academy

Borwita Leaders Academy is an acceleration program that is suitable for fresh graduates who are looking for opportunities to develop themselves and become reliable professionals in Logistics, Sales, and Business Development. Here, you will be trained to become Borwita's future leader with creative ideas that will bring innovative breakthroughs in the distribution and logistics industry.

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Borwita Sales FutureLeader

Borwita Sales Future Leader Program, is especially designed for sales enthusiast to boost sales career. You will get intensive experiences from in class training, shadowing, and acting roles as sales leader all through the program, to accelerate your career path and be the leader.

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Borwita Internship Program

Borwita Internship Program is designed for enthusiastic students to provide them a hands-on and professional working experience. This program enables students to develop competencies & skills and put everything they learned in the university into action.

In this program, students will have the opportunity to be involved in a project that will has a significant impact for the company. Interns' role assignments will be based on business needs, educational background, and personal strengths

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